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Mynd Revolution


1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

Now available in response to numerous requests, we now offer parents a chance for your child to benefit from personal sessions with our fantastic lead trainer Shabazz Nelson. He will use his vast repertoire of mental, academic and state management skills to carve a path through uncertainty and low self esteem, to excellence and future success.

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What We Do

We specialize in behavioural and academic change in schools/colleges as well as public and private sector organisations.


We ascertain your needs and desired outcomes, then through a combination of future projection and goal setting, plus a close look at what your immediate resources are, help you along the road to your future success in areas such as Parental coaching, Business coaching, and Revision / Exam preparation.


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Current Programmes

Workinprogressltd in association with the B-Group and Lambeth College have created and delivered a fantastic program of training highlighting the importance and validity of Apprenticeships for young people in Lambeth, called the Lambeth Apprenticeships Ambitions Program.

Training and coaching is provided for a group of Apprenticeship Ambassadors, who will be explaining and highlighting the benefits of Apprenticeships to young people at a different Schools and Colleges around the borough.

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