Looking for ways to compel your students to succeed?

Want to inspire and motivate year groups to attain their full potential? Choose the best solution for you from our options below, or call us to discuss your specific needs.

1 Hour Motivational session – Year group

A one hour long interactive lecture, that will delight and inspire your students to believe in themselves, and elevate their self esteem and confidence.

Half day Motivational Workshops – Form groups / Focus groups

A three hour workshop where students experience the feelings of inspiration, then learn the techniques of self motivation, and get to test their new techniques on each other, so as to incorporate these techniques into their every day lives.

Full day Motivational Workshops – Form groups / Focus groups

In depth look at the processes successful people use to compel them to achieve. The interactive program will take students on an inspirational journey into the depths of their beliefs about themselves and their true potential. Challenging, and laced with fun, it will offer your students an insight into how learning can be fun and profoundly beneficial to their lives.

Half day Conflict Resolution Workshops – Form group / Focus groups

A three hour workshop dealing with the processes we go through when we get angry, and how to negate and channel those feelings towards neutralizing our emotions, and finding better solutions to the problems we perceive.

Full day Conflict Resolution Workshops – Form groups / Focus groups

Here, we cover the nature of our responses, what chemical changes occur in our heads, the nature of perspective, as well as interactive scenarios to help students test each area that we cover in dealing with conflict in different situations.

Half day Public Speaking Workshop – Form groups / Focus groups

Voice projection, capturing and holding attention, overcoming nerves, and voice control are just some of the areas we will be improving in this workshop. The ability to command the attention of an audience is a powerful tool in the modern world, give your students an almost unfair advantage with a workshop that will improve their confidence, and do wonders for their self esteem and belief.

Leadership and Culture Change – Focus groups

We work with your brightest and most influential students to develop their decision making and communication skills. Our intention, is to equip them with the tools they need to shift the attitude and culture of their peers towards year group, and school success.

Popular students undeniably have influence over their peers, what would happen if, through the use of newsletters, events, and by example, they inspired those around them to seek success rather than apathy born from fear and self doubt?

For bookings and information please contact training@workinprogressltd.co.uk or see the contact us page.