Like most things in life, mastering change is simply a question of learning the knack. This is particularly relevant to the way that we learn how to do things in our lives, especially the process of learning.


This is a one day workshop that will show you how to learn any new subject with confidence and ease, by shifting the manner in which we take in information, and where we put that information.

You will learn how to:

  • Put yourself in the right frame of mind to take in new information
  • Tune out background noise whilst you learn
  • Use all of your senses to establish a deeper connection with your subject matter
  • Find your optimum learning state

Whatever stage you are at in your personal development, investing in the way that you process learning is something you can do at anytime, irrespective of bad experiences in the past, at school or even in the workplace. Take advantage of the opportunity to polish your skills to the point of brilliance. Join us for a day of entertainment and profound life changing experiences.
Learning a knack can be tricky for your mind, but learning to trick your mind is the knack.


  • Magic – A simple trick. You know you saw it, but was it real? Of course not! On the other hand…
  • Learning – A simple trick. Easy to do, we’ve all done it. I can’t do it to everything though can I?
  • The Robot. Ever done anything without thinking about it? Welcome to the Machine!
  • Who Controls Yours? Me! Sometimes…
  • Motivation + Responsibility. Time to take action, I owe it to myself
  • Programming your Robot – What skills do I want? Choosing what to learn quickly and efficiently.
  • Recall – Teach 2 Learn. Improving your memory by helping your friends.
  • Understand – Place – Revise – Pass. Now you get it, where to put it, then bring it back to pass your exams!