Workinprogressltd has an outstanding program to mentor students in danger of becoming NEET, resulting in raised self esteem and confidence, as well as creating and enforcing long term skills to enable entry and progress in the job market.

Having finished our second year of mentoring in Waltham Forest via the European Social Fund, we have managed to complete an 87% and 89% retention rate, with those students spectacularly improving behavior, attendance, exam results, and overall confidence at their schools.

We have experienced and trusted advisers, who listen, elicit facts, encourage and support, as well as confront and discuss current situations.

It is our intention for students to acquire increased self esteem, and confidence through what they achieve and what they accomplish. This results in:

  • Improving inter-personal and communication skills.
  • Promoting a better understanding of social interaction.
  • Encouraging a positive attitude and willingness to learn.
  • Teaching life skills and instilling a sense of belonging.


We follow our key Principles of Mentoring

  • A constructive, and developmental form of support
  • Clear understanding of confidentiality
  • Shared understanding and agreement with the purposes of the mentoring.

Once we have established these with our clients, we assure you their lives will see incredible positive change!

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