Mynd Revolution Basic
Course outline

Mynd Revolution is a different approach to learning. We see how much people want to have fun. We have noticed the rampant desire in our friends and colleagues to inject enjoyment into everything that they do, whether it is work or study. Mynd Revolution harnesses that intrinsic energy, and teaches you how to generate that energy in every aspect of your life and thinking. This course will show you how to change limiting beliefs about yourself into crystal clear paths to success. You will learn how to restructure the content of your thoughts for clarity, memory retention and personal belief. Practical exercises throughout will help you make real progress and see immediate results.

Ground Zero

  • What do I want? The importance of identifying a clear objective
  • Why do I want it? Does it benefit me that much?
  • I can’t do that! Dispelling limiting personal beliefs.
  • Getting on the road. Creating the desire to try.

Going for it

  • The first time. Have you ever tried anything? How did that work out for you?
  • Beginners Luck. How random factors are working in your favour.
  • Focus! The art of ignoring negative energy.
  • The Fall. How to rise from setbacks.

Getting the hang of this

  • Enjoying your progress. Anchoring positive feelings about your success.
  • Making plans for your future test. Learning how to drive yourself further.
  • Desire to be better. The breeding of confidence.
  • Not getting cocky. You’re good, but not perfect…yet.

Without thinking

  • Realising you can do it! How practice made you perfect.
  • Things to do when you are perfect. Building on your success
  • Testing your skill. Applying your new behaviour to your life.
  • Finding new ventures. Where else you can apply these skills in your life

Mynd Revolution Intermediate
Course Outline

What is it about?
A deeper look at the way we structure our understanding of the world, with real world and real time examples of the manner in which we create our own limitations, plus practical methods to overcome them.

  • I, Robot – Discovering the ways you set patterns of behavior.
  • The program – How we become robotized.
  • System Reboot – Changing the way you tell yourself what to do.
  • Knowing the Computer – what we are working with and how to enhance our equipment.
  • Thought, Will, Reality – Creating the world that works for us.
  • Learning, a simple trick – The process we use to embed information.
  • The future me – Well formed ideas, and how the y increase probability of success.
  • Motivation – The movement from “I can’t, to I’ll try”
  • The Realization – Understanding and recognizing your new skill.

Mynd Revolution Practitioner
Course Outline

What is it about?
We will show you how to apply the Mynd Revolution theory to enable those you work with to realise their potential and their dreams. What you need to practice, what you need to install it, and how to affect the three factors of change -the belief that they can ,the opportunity to try, and , the suitable reward for their use of the new strategy.

  • The EnTrance – How starting a conversation leads to heightened states of mind
  • Mynd Maps – The mental cartography that we use to understand our world
  • Left and Right Brain – How to integrate them into one dynamic powerhouse
  • Mynd and Body Training – Physical exercises and training for you to use
  • Move to Think – How movement helps you focus and achieve
  • Conversational Hypnosis for behavioural change – Language and stories to affect yourself and those around you
  • Aural Text – So seductive, it shouldn’t be allowed
  • Out Trance – How you will be using these techniques as soon as you get home

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