The How, The Why, The What.

WIPLTD is a dedicated and innovative training company addressing Empowerment, Motivation, Conflict Management, Confidence and the raising of self esteem. We specialize in behavioural and academic change in schools/colleges as well as public and private sector organisations.

When working with our clients/participants, we make use of successful behavioural change processes, enhanced with the use of the following methods:

  • NLP
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Magic
  • Mental and Physical Exercises

Our Lead Trainer


Shabazz Nelson

An inspiring and gifted communication and training consultant for over fifteen years in the fields of education, business to business communication, and individual / team motivation. A background in Law and Psychology has proven the critical factor when advancing work related learning experiences, with tried and tested methods that maximise return on investment in the business and academic fields.

Having spent many years working with secondary school educators across the country, he has amassed a great wealth of techniques to enable him to draw even the most disengaged students into the world of self belief, often with the result that the student then actively starts to positively influence those around them as well. He uses a combination of guile, serious or funny stories and practical examples that tend to reach most students irrespective of their learning styles, thus allowing the messages to be understood and enjoyed by all.

Shabazz also specialises in personal guidance, and one to one training for individuals and families, setting out new personal markers and plans, as well as corporate speaking and training.

Whilst some of these courses are challenging, his relaxed style creates a safe environment for delegates to thoroughly explore all aspects of their self-image and personal projection.